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American Charities Today, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization helping people live better and longer by increasing awareness of… donations to… and volunteers for the most compelling of our nation’s 1.8 million charities.  

ACT tells their stories one charity at a time. We will post their stories on our website… we will tell their stories in our newsletter…  and we will air their stories on our Internet television station.

You will be able to find them all soon on our website at www. You can also find us on Facebook. And soon we’ll have our own call center and you will be able to sign up to receive our newsletter and frequent updates.

When you find a charity that interests you on our website at, you will sign up to receive more information… sign up to make a donation… or sign up to register as a volunteer. We’ll send you a ‘thank you’ letter and a receipt for your records… and the charity of your choice will be in touch with you, too.

Our website and Internet television programming will be supported by advertisers, sponsors and transaction fees. Until then, direct contributions from folks like you are much appreciated.

Every penny donated to American Charities Today is tax deductible and so is every penny donated to the nonprofits whose stories we are telling. Consult your tax consultant for details.

To get more information or make a donation, you’ll be able to click on the appropriate button and check the charity you are interested in.

If you are just looking for more information, there will be no need to enter your credit card or PayPal information. Just enter your contact information.

If you want to make a donation, follow the prompts to make a secure payment to the charity of your choice.

Who We Are

American Charities Today, Inc. was founded in 2010 when we were awarded official tax exempt status by the United States Government and became a 501(c)3 public corporation. That’s also when we registered our corporate name and secured the name for our website –

Actually, the idea for American Charities Today originated years earlier when our founder, former Coca-Cola Public Relations Vice President Tony Tortorici, wanted to create a cable television channel devoted to nonprofits, their stories and issues. The cable channel would be backed up by a robust website and call center.

Tortorici spend several years searching for the massive millions of dollars required to launch and operate a cable channel. During that time, he realized that the industry was consolidating and that technology was changing how people get their information. That’s when he turned to the Internet and satellite radio as the primary medium for American Charities Today and that’s when he filed for and was granted tax exempt status.


Nonprofit organizations require money and manpower to accomplish their objectives. ACT will serve the needs of charities by helping them raise money and increase their membership and volunteers by helping them tell their stories.

We fulfill our mission by helping other nonprofit organizations fulfill theirs.


Categories of charities will include but are not limited to
* Children and youth

* Women and families
* Education
* Animals and pets
* Art, culture and the humanities
* Nature and the environment
* Colleges and universities
* Health and medical research
* Human services
* Public benefit and others.


ACT accepts advertising, sponsorships or contributions from nonprofit and for-profit corporations, charities, foundations, individuals and other organizations to create, produce, post and air Internet programming .

Because American Charities Today, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization, all
donations to ACT are fully tax deductible. (Consult your tax attorney.)


ACT plans to use a fully functional version of its website ( to collect and relay 100 percent tax deductible, viewer-contributed funds to the respective charities and collect a nominal, fully tax deductible transaction fee for this service. ACT will also accept contributions via the website to itself.


The ACT call center will accept inbound calls, contributions and requests for information that will be used primarily by smaller charities who could not ordinarily afford a call center of their own.

The programming, website and call center will generate fully tax deductible donations, volunteers and supporters for the participating charitable organizations as well as for ACT.

For more information, please contact founder Tony Tortorici at